The Best of Lynchburg 2021

Voting in the “Best Of” Lynchburg Awards is a great way to support the places you frequent and the community individuals you love. In order to find out who is the best, we completely rely on you—our readers. So, vote away and spread the word!

The Lynchburg Best of Awards nominations will go through August 10, 2020,  voting will go August 12, 2020, through September 9, 2020.

IMPORTANT - As you scroll through the pre-populated ballot, you can add a nominee that is not listed by clicking the green "Nominate" button at the top of the contest page.  You will then be able to add your nominee and using the dropdown menu, choose the categories that you would like to see that business appear in.  You may only nominate a business in 6 categories.  There will be an option to change your nomination, but once voting starts, no changes may be made.




Food and Restaurants

Health and Wellness